Tech In Career’s

Hello Readers! This post is about job’s I would like to potentially apply for. I used to search through jobs that I would apply for in the future. Or jobs I am interested in. This site was extremely helpful. Looking into these jobs and looking at the requirements has really opened my eyes to how many … More Tech In Career’s

Future Of My Blog

With the semester coming to an end I have the option to delete this blog or to keep it going. Reflecting on the past semester and going over the work I have submitted on this WordPress page, it is hard to imagine deleting it. I found it extremely relieving post assignments through this outlet. Simply … More Future Of My Blog

Dress for Success

Hello Readers! I was fortunate enough to attend a networking event in the Pere Marquette Room 2204 in Kirkhof Center at GVSU on April 5th from 4pm-6pm. This event taught students what to wear and not to wear at an interview or in the office. There was a fashion show held showing both men and … More Dress for Success

Adobe InDesign

Hello Readers! Today I learned how to use the program Adobe InDesign. It was rather intimidating but after watching some YouTube videos the basics were easier to understand. Below I have attached a business card that I produced using the program. I chose to take a simplistic approach, nothing too distracting but it reflects my … More Adobe InDesign