Video Post

Check out this cool video:

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 4.27.47 PM


In this assignment, I chose to make a “How To” video and I decided to make an omelette. I love making omelettes personally and make them almost everyday. Sometimes my omelettes don’t hold together so they turn into scrambles which is what happened in this video.

I learned a lot from creating and editing this video. I used text and transitions effectively once I found out how to properly execute them. I found that taking my time and adding things one at a time and lining up the clips and having them blend together fluidly. I added a backtrack that I thought matched the overall emotion from the video. I wanted to keep it upbeat and happy. I also constructed a storyboard outlining my video before I shot it and also before I linked all the clips together. This really helped my process of executing a cohesive video.


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