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I got ahead of the game this weekend and decided to crank out as much homework as I could and completed an assignment I was assigned for my Technology in Public Relations class. I had to develop an infograph. I had trouble thinking of a “how to” or a step-by-step infographic I could choose but finally settled on brushing teeth. I initially was going for  “How to brush your teeth” But as I went through each step I decided on “Tips to good oral hygiene”, it sounded better and seemed more accurate.

I first started out by selecting a topic. Once I chose the topic of brushing teeth I did further research. I looked at the Oral B and Colgate websites to gather information on the best ways to brush your teeth. Once I decided on the information I wanted to include I broke it down into 9 steps. Shown in the infographic I went step-by-step showing the most effective tips to brushing and maintaining good oral hygiene.

This content was created on a a site called which provides different templates for different infographs that you may want to create. Once on the site you need to create an account (I created mine by linking my google email account). Once an account is created you may choose a template to work with depending on the look and theme you like. After picking a template you may customize the content included switching the fonts or layout if you choose. I found many picture icons through the site but I also uploaded images from google onto the infograph. After completing the template I downloaded the image in a JPEG format and have posted it below. This can be shared on many social networking platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr or even a blog. I enjoyed this project and thought the PiktoChart website was extremely helpful in created an infograph.


I also included the citations on the PiktoChart.


10 thoughts on “Infographics

  1. Awesome job! Apparently I’ve been killing it at the dental hygiene game! It’s all in the form. Thanks for reminding me about the 45 degree rule; I’ve been tilting it about five degrees over lately. But really… great work!


  2. Such a necessary yet cute topic to cover! I really appreciated how much detail you went into and the graphics you chose to include. Overall great job and thank you for the healthy reminder!


  3. Love the post! I think it was a good idea to use the title “Tips For Good Oral Hygiene” instead of “Brushing your Teeth”. Also a good idea over all for the infographic because anyone can use it!


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