SEOs – College & Turtles


Hello Readers!

Today I am posting about Search Engine Optimization. Here is a link breaking down SEOs > Basic SEOs. I chose keywords that I thought would help with my blog. The words I chose were used in my prior posts and I thought they would receive great Google Keywords.

I learned a lot in this section. I liked how all the keywords had categories that fit. I enjoyed this exercise and think this will help with using search engines in the future. I hope the video I attached further explains SEOs.

My Keywords/Google’s Keywords

  1. College – College Search -19,840 monthly searches – I had lots of trouble with my college search during my senior year of high school.
  2. Turtles- Sea Turtles -111,500 monthly searches – When I went to Hawaii I saw many cute sea turtles.
  3. Omelette- Omelette Recipe -64,100 monthly searches – When I filmed my video for my blog I found a Omelette recipe that I really liked and use to this day.
  4. Scramble – Word Scramble -31,870 monthly searches – I love playing word scramble on my iPhone.
  5. Brushing Teeth – Brush Your Teeth -32,830 monthly searches – I always tell the little kids I babysit “Brush your teeth!”.

Google Keyword Planner


5 thoughts on “SEOs – College & Turtles

  1. I enjoy the fact that you greeted your readers at the beginning of your post, it made me feel very welcome! I also appreciated the SEO YouTube video link in order to learn more about what your post was all about. Overall great job and way to keep it straight to the point!


  2. I love the look of your blog! It’s extremely inviting, and your posts are interesting to read. This post was extremely informative, and the links were very helpful. Great job!


  3. Great first impression with the cute title and large, but easy to read visual! The assignment and what it entailed could have used a little more explaining, but the video was a great idea. Great post!


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