Future Of My Blog


With the semester coming to an end I have the option to delete this blog or to keep it going. Reflecting on the past semester and going over the work I have submitted on this WordPress page, it is hard to imagine deleting it. I found it extremely relieving post assignments through this outlet.

Simply submitting an assignment definitely has a satisfaction but being able to post the creative work I have done has a different feel than just submitting it to a teacher. Being able to explain my thought process and work to the world is something I really liked about maintaining this blog. I will definitely be keeping it.

I now will be able to look to this to write down any academic thoughts I have or just want to type out. Pursuing my personal brand and exploring more of myself will be easier with an outlet like this in my life. I really liked my experience with WordPress and with writing a blog overall.

In addition to my emotional attachment to it, I also will be able to benefit on a professional level. I know that I am one of the only one of my friends that has a blog and when it comes down to it I could potentially have an upper hand against competition when I start interviewing for jobs. Adding to this blog as I continue in school and in the career field will help me further my professional status and help me with employment and has been a great addition to my GVSU experience.

Citation: Meaning of Dream «Sunset». (2014). Retrieved April 12, 2016, from http://dreamatico.com/sunset.html

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