Social Media – An Opinion Piece



Hello Readers,

Ever since I got my first smartphone, a blackberry, I was very involved in social media. My first form of social media that I had was a MySpace account. MySpace, which is now a music website, was extremely popular when I was in middle school. At this time everyone had a MySpace and Facebook was not even on the radar. It was an easy way to connect with friends and post pictures. At this time in my life, I don’t think that middle schoolers needed this social media. From what I remember it mainly consisted of girls posting awkward pictures of themselves like mirror selfies or pictures with different filters on them taken in the Photo Booth app on Macs and even gave kids the ability to hide behind a computer screen and bully others.This became a very big problem at my school. Once Facebook (FB) became popular everyone around me, including myself, made the transition to FB and away from Myspace.

Now, I am pretty much on all forms of major social media outlets. The outlets I spend most of my time on are Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat. I am almost always up-to-date on what is posted. Personally, I do not find myself posting on these outlets regularly. I do have a big personality but I do not feel the need to post and share what I am doing or what my thoughts are very often. I like using them and being “in the know” of what is going on in my friends lives but I do not necessarily wish for them to know everything about me.

Looking at the people I follow, there are many people that interact with social media just as I do but then there are others that are on them too much and post way too much information. They use it as a way to brag to their followers and to post everything that they are doing and post about everything that they are thinking. It becomes overly excessive.

I think that over sharing is a big problem that we have on social media as well as using it as a way to hurt others. It is easier to say things behind a computer screen than to someone’s face. And now that kids are receiving smartphones at a younger age and are creating these accounts it gives these kids a larger opportunity to participate in this bullying if not properly monitored by parents.

On the other side of it, it is a great way to keep in touch with others you may not see on a daily basis. This helps to strengthen relationships. It also keeps everyone extremely up to date on the latest news. Everyone now has a computer in their pocket and the different social media outlets keep users very up to date.

I feel that social media has changed in the aspect that everyone has become very dependent on social media and knowing everything that is going on in the lives of the people they are following. It is rare to see anyone without their phone in their hand and even sitting on the bus, if you take a look around almost everyone will be staring at their phones scrolling through their different apps and social media. I feel people do not interact with others in person as they used to and now it is more over social media or through a text. I think we need to take a step back and not depend on social media as much.


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