Tech In Career’s


Hello Readers!

This post is about job’s I would like to potentially apply for. I used to search through jobs that I would apply for in the future. Or jobs I am interested in. This site was extremely helpful.

Looking into these jobs and looking at the requirements has really opened my eyes to how many different skills are required for the different jobs I’m interested in. I think that I personally qualify for many of these jobs or will eventually qualify after my first job.

Here are some jobs that I looked into

  1. Advertising Manager

Indeed Job Post

Eight plus years in advertising experience

Strong strategic planning, management, and analytical skills with experience measuring on and offline advertising and marketing activities
Computer skills, including proficiency with Microsoft Office and the Internet

2. Account Executive

Indeed Job Post

Proficient in basic computer skills- experience with Microsoft CRM a plus
Excellent phone skills

3. Director of Marketing


Develop and implement internet, social media and digital communications strategies to expand visibility and increase member and community engagement across all digital platforms to include maintaining 900+ page association website and tracking/reporting web traffic and trends.

4. Studio Manager

Understanding of all industry technical requirements;
Understanding of design and production software (Adobe Creative Cloud) and knowledge of project management software.

5. Outside Sales Job Post

Outside sales experience


Citation: Picture


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