Final Exam


Hello Readers! Welcome to my Final Exam for my CAP 105 Technology in Public Relations class!


1. I have created a Final Exam page on my blog page. All of the steps to my Final Exam will be shown here on this page.


2. InDesign – Above I have created a logo for my personal brand. When choosing the look I wanted to use I decided I wanted to keep it minimalist just as I am and how I am perceived to others. I am not too flashy and usually wear minimalist things and I liked how this simple design reflected that. I used Adobe InDesign to create this logo.


3. Digital Photo and Manipulation

Here is a before picture of me at the Cook Carillon Tower that sits at the center of the GVSU Allendale campus. Citation: (Brech,K, April 25, 2016)
Here is an altered picture of me at the Cook Carillon Clocktower. I used Photoshop to put a filter called Neon Glow on the photo. I liked how the background really stood out and had a cool blue color. Citation: (Brech,K, April 25, 2016)













Here is a before picture of me at the Zumberge Pond that sits between the Zumberge office Buildings and Kirkhof Center. Citation: (Brech,K, April 25, 2016)
Here is an After picture. I darkened the sky and make it a lot brighter. I used Adobe Photoshop brush tool to do this. Citation: (Brech,K, April 25, 2016)














Here is a Before picture of me in front of the Mary Idema Pew Library where I spend a lot of time studying. Citation: (Brech,K, April 25, 2016)


Here is an After picture of me at the Mary Idema Pew Library. I added a cute puppy to accompany me and I also used the sharpen feature to make the picture more clear. I used Adobe Photoshop to add these features. Citation: (Brech,K, April 25, 2016), (Welcome to Dog Name Guide:. (n.d.). Retrieved April 26, 2016, from
Here is a Before picture at the Quatrefoil fountain found behind the Student Services. Citation: (Brech,K, April 25, 2016)
Here is an After picture of me. I used Adobe Photoshop to add a glow filter to the picture. I like how this enhances the picture. This is a picture I would add to my instagram. I especially like this fountain because it is the shape of a quatrefoil which is the symbol of my sorority Phi Mu so I decided it was only fitting to throw up my sorority sign in front of our beloved fountain. Citation: (Brech, K, April 25, 2016).


4. Internet Culture/Memes

image4 copy


image2 copy
image1 copy

For this part of the assignment I went to Fuel on the Allendale Campus and had a friend take a few pictures of me. I could really feel all the haters hating when I was striking all these poses. I thought this was hysterical and I could hardly help from busting out laughing. Citation for all meme photos: (Brech,K, April 25, 2016).


5. Video

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 5.00.06 PM

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 4.59.21 PM.png

Above are photos of my process for creating a video of my favorite place on campus. I chose the Little Mac Bridge as my favorite place on campus. It is so beautiful and I choose to take this bridge everyday. I used to be very scared of heights but this bridge is so nice that I don’t mind the height much. I posted a picture of the timeline from Final Cut Pro and a screenshot of my Twitter account with the video posted. Citation: (Brech,K Screenshot April 26, 2016).


6. Photoshop

Heaven and Earth sculpture with a friendly dragon!

Here is a picture of me at my favorite art sculpture on the Allendale Campus. It is the Heaven and Earth piece by James Clover. It sits near the AuSable building. I pass it everyday on my way to class and it really speaks to me. The shape of the sculpture and how it reaches up towards the sky is very soothing and is very beautiful. I especially like it in the winter when it blends in with the snow. It reminds me of the movie Frozen when Elsa is playing with her ice powers. I added a dragon to the picture because I thought it was humorous and I really like little dragons. It really complements the sculpture and gives the sculpture a twist. Citation: (Brech,K, April 25, 2016).


7. InDesign

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 5.29.21 PM.png

I chose to customize my Twitter header by including my favorite band One Direction’s lyrics to the song Story of My Life. I absolutely love them and they have helped me through so many rough times. They bring me such happiness. I have continued to struggle with Adobe InDesign but now I feel I have a better grasp on the concept. Although some of the text is cut off, if a user clicks on the banner the full page will come up. Citation: (Brech, K, Screenshot, April 26, 2016).


8. GVSU Culture

Citation: (Brech,K, April 25, 2016)
Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 5.49.44 PM.png
Citation: (Brech,K, Screenshot April 26, 2016)

I remember when I heard about the hysteria of the Wrecking Ball on GVSU’s campus. I had just decided to transfer from OCC to GV and I thought it was so cool to be a part of something so talked about throughout the US and even the world. Wrecking ball was such a hit and the fact that GVSU received so much hype from such a silly parody done by students is amazing. I remember hearing about it from all my neighbors and people I worked with. I remember telling people, “I’m going to Grand Valley State University in the fall.” then receiving the response of “Oh thats so cool, Isn’t that where people are riding the wrecking ball?!” I actually have an Uncle that lives in Europe and he sent me the video of the CNN coverage on it. I loved being sent all the videos of my friends riding the wrecking ball. I am so happy that they decided to keep the wrecking ball on campus. It was such a huge deal and they easily could have removed it all together but I love that they decided to keep it as a friendly reminder. Bolded below are words that can be used for maximum SEO. These words are the best to use when referring to the GVSU Wrecking ball.

5 sentences containing keywords:

Have you seen what was featured on CNN lately?

I remember the days when Miley Cyrus was on the show Hannah Montana.

I love that the Wrecking Ball still has a place on campus and was not taken off.

I bought a sticker that has the initials GVSU to put on the back of my car.

I was so excited when I got my acceptance letter to Grand Valley State University.


We have now come to the end of my CAP 105 Final Exam. Thanks for reading and keep an eye out for more blog posts!