Hello! I am especially motivated on this gray rainy day. Days like these make me want to stay inside and just finish everything I have so whenever the nice days do actually come I can spend it outside. But who am I kidding? Living on the west side of Michigan the weather never likes to … More BrandYourself!


Hello Readers! I had the pleasure of being introduced to the site this week and was very eager to complete this assignment. This site allows a user to create a professional page that gives potential employers or clients an easy and user friendly way to access your contact information and a bit of information about yourself. … More Nameplate!


Hello Readers! I got ahead of the game this weekend and decided to crank out as much homework as I could and completed an assignment I was assigned for my Technology in Public Relations class. I had to develop an infograph. I had trouble thinking of a “how to” or a step-by-step infographic I could … More Infographics


Hello readers! Today I played around with Adobe Photoshop CC 2015. I had never used Photoshop before so I was very excited to see what I could do. I first started out by flipping through a magazine to get some inspiration and came across some baby turtles. I instantly thought this would be perfect. I … More Photoshop

Video Post

Check out this cool video: In this assignment, I chose to make a “How To” video and I decided to make an omelette. I love making omelettes personally and make them almost everyday. Sometimes my omelettes don’t hold together so they turn into scrambles which is what happened in this video. I learned a lot … More Video Post